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Black Cat White Hat Security

Holistic Cybersecurity Strategies
BCWHS develops tailored cybersecurity plans and policies, ensuring a robust defense against emerging threats.

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Empowering Your Cyber Defense

We offer comprehensive plans and services to safeguard your digital landscape. Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing your security posture through meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge practices.
Holistic Cybersecurity Strategies
Check BCWHS develops tailored cybersecurity plans and policies, ensuring a robust defense against emerging threats.
Thorough Assessments and Audits
Check Our in-depth assessments identify vulnerabilities, while audits ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Comprehensive Risk Management
Check With our risk register, BCWHS meticulously tracks and addresses potential threats, employing 'Plans of Actions and Milestones' for effective mitigation.
Aligning with Industry Standards
Check BCWHS adheres to the industry leading NIST framework and Microsoft Secure Score, as well as ensure compliance with HIPAA, PII, and Financial Data protection regulations.
Collaborative Risk Profiling
Check By integrating Infosec Institute's expertise, BCWHS creates risk profiles and tailored actions for high-risk users, fostering a secure environment.
Device Asset Management
Check BCWHS assesses risk versus mitigation, employing loss expectancy calculations with Kaseya IT Glue & Microsoft for informed decision-making.
Incident Management
Check Our Incident Management involves the systematic approach of identifying, analyzing, and responding to unexpected events or disruptions to minimize their impact on operations and swiftly restore normalcy, ensuring business continuity and minimizing potential damages.
Endpoint Protection
Check BCWHS provides PowerShell commands for Windows host security and have an Endpoint Incident Response (E.I.R.) SIEM.
Cultivating Governance and Ensuring Compliance
Check BCWHS ensures adherence to regulations, fostering accountability, and driving ethical conduct.
Detailed Reporting
Check BCWHS provide easy to download PDF reports for plans, policies and more.


We'll help protect against internal and external threats.
We have 27 plans and 2575 controls to address regarding your cybersecurity posture.

Microsoft Secure Score NIST Cybersecurity Framework CIS Version 8.0 ISO 27001 NIST SP 800-171 Rev 2 NIST SP 800-53 Rev 5 HIPAA Compliance
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